Work completion on time & on budget


Construction is at the heart of our company

Arcus Construction has a lot to offer to an owner, an architect or a company that wants to complete a building job on time and on budget. Above all, the Arcus Construction team specializes in construction from the first through to the last stage.

1. From the office and consultation to the building site and construction

Organizing the building site,supervising the project as well as taking complete responsibility of the coordination and the proper implementation of the works are at the centre of every project. In this process we function as technical consultants offering a series of solutions in accordance with the employer’s requests and the latest trends in construction.

2. Completion of project according to conditions of transparency, on time and on budget

Our respect for our employer’s investment is translated by us into a series of actions: through transparent procedures we exclude hidden costs; we commit ourselves to our employer through written obligations and we complete each project in accordance with the budget in all responsibility and without surprises.

3. Structured communication and services prior to, during and after the completion of the project

Arcus Construction supports the face to face interpersonal communication with digital tools. Our employer, whether an architect or owner, has the opportunity to keep themselves updated on a daily basis on the progress of the project either through an online platform or other digital tools. If requested by the architect, we are actively present from the pre- planning stage and the implementation study through to the completion of the project.

The relationship with our employer does not end upon completion of the project. Our guarantee for the project is one of the services that attestto our instrumental and responsible presence of Arcus Construction in the building of a project from A to Z.