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Holistic approach of renovations

An open plan space absorbs an old corridor in favour of spacious living. A new family member may request their own room and bathroom. An apartment becomes Airbnb; an old office building is transformed into a hotel or a professional space needs renovating or a change in use. In renovation changes are not subject to limitations – neither are human desires.

1. From a needs analysis to finding solutions

For Arcus Construction every work is unique as is each one of our employers.
We believe in personal contact and for this reason we visit your space, we discuss your needs and desires together and according to these, we organize the design of the project, we adjust the renovation to your budget and we propose complete, individualized solutions for you. Renovation with Arcus Construction is a simple, pleasant and hassle-free procedure with the aim always for the finished work to supersede your expectations.

2. Design becomes a real work of art

The organization of the work site, supervision of the project and the coordination of the works are the nucleus of renovation. After the analysis of usage, the emerging individualized needs are translated into a series of works that we take on responsibly and carry out within a specific time frame and budget. These works may be simpler and have to do with the aesthetic or functional upgrading of a modern spaceor radical interventions that completely change the quality of life as well as individualized interventions which may add value to your property.

3. Renovation from A to Z

Once the job has been assigned to our company, we take on the entire spectrum of necessary procedures, implementations and the required permits as well as necessary approvals, always keeping within the safety and legal confines.Through structured and clear communication and services prior to, during and after the completion of the project, we guarantee our fundamental and responsible presence from A to Z.
Our experience and time are at your disposal.